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Automated Production Data Gathering

Automated Production

Narag Energy Solution’s Automated Daily Production Capture System is an integrated technical solution that allows for remote field data capture, low cost data transmission by a field unit that can be operated for months on specialized battery units: Benefits of the Narag Energy’s Daily Production Capture and Accounting Solutions include:

  • Automated daily production capture & optimization.
  • Reduction in field personnel exposure.
  • Eliminate human errors at meter reading
  • Reduction in cost of field data capture.
  • No delay in data availability.
  • Available standard alarm system.
  • Faster reaction to field changes.
  • Data acquisition frequency becomes programmable.
  • Systematic workflow for production optimization.

Reservoir Surveillance and Production Analysis

The objective of our reservoir/field surveillance solution is to provide the data acquisition and interpretation requirements necessary for any field/well management and to maximize economic performance and ultimate recovery of an asset.

Surveillance plan summarises what and where production data needs to be collected on a routine basis to support reservoir management of the field/reservoir.

Data analysis plan summarises what type of analysis will be done with the reservoir surveillance data and responsibilities for monitoring and analysis.

These reservoir surveillance plans focus on implementing comprehensive and efficient corporate production monitoring program at field or corporate levels. A well implemented Reservoir Surveillance and Production Analysis solution helps to further reduce reservoir/production uncertainties.

Reservoir Surveillance and Production Analysis is critical for proper management of the asset and identification of future development opportunities.