Volant® E&P Data Management Portal

Volant Exploration and Production (E&P) is an enterprise E&P Data management tool, designed for geologists, sedimentologists, stratigraphers, engineers, and other professionals who needs to capture, aggregate, analyse complex and domain-specific data and more at a glance.


  1. Safeguards your data
  2. Intelligent insights
  3. Smart forecast using AI
  4. Efficient workflow and security
  5. Advance search logic
  6. Intelligent map services
  7. Drilling and production realtime monitoring
  8. Ability to visualize seismic sections, well logs, well schematics, etc.


  1. Used as Software as a Service (SaaS) solution
  2. The solution is available worldwide, irrespective of the data size or operation
  3. Monitor and optimize drilling activity by connecting to real-time data sources
  4. Visualize analytics, rig activities and combine well log data with directional information
  5. Monitor production data to gain insight into well’s life expectancy
  6. Visualize data from specialized tools in 3D to identify impacts across multiple wells
  7.  Readily available technical support