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DT300 Series

Smart Density Transmitters

The DT300 smart density transmitters line was designed for density and concentration continuous measurement of liquid in industrial processes. The complete line is available in the 4-20 mA + HART®, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, and PROFIBUS-PA technology options. These transmitters use an exclusive and

patented technology to calculate the density, where a probe immersed in the process, with two pressure sensors and one temperature sensor, is connected to a capacitive sensor which calculates the ΔP between the pressure sensors. With the ΔP and temperature, a dedicated software calculates the density and

concentration of the process fluid. This density/concentration may be expressed in g/cm³, kg/m³, lb/ft³, relative density, °Brix, °Bé, °INPM, °GL, °API, %Solids and %Concentration.

The DT300 may be installed in a pipe or directly in the process tank. The DT300 Series may be applied in

Sugar & Ethanol Plants, Food Industry, Beverage Industry, Chemical & Petrochemical Industries, Pulp &

Paper Industries, Oil & Gas Industries and Mining.

• Accuracy ± 0.0004 g/cm³;

• Range 0.5 - 5 g/cm³;

• Standard industrial and sanitary (3A) process connection;

• Multifunction rotary display LCD;

• Two-wire loop powered;

• Several different wetted materials;

• Single integrated unit, without moving parts;

• Factory calibration and self-calibration;

• In-field re-calibration:

• No standard reference required;

• No lab calibration required;

• No process shutdown;

• Continuous/self diagnostics;

• Weather proof, explosion proof and intrinsically safe;

• Totally digital; including sensor, electronics and communication;

• Configurable via local adjustment (FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and PROFIBUS-PA);

• Easy firmware upgrade (via Flash Memory Interface) for FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and PROFIBUS-PA.

DT400 WirelessHART(TM)

WirelessHART(TM) Density Transmitter

The DT400 is a WirelessHART™ density transmitter with digital communication designed for the continuous online measurement of liquid density, directly in industrial process. The DT400 WirelessHART™ consists of a probe with two repeaters diaphragms immersed in the process. A temperature sensor located in the probe, between the two repeaters diaphragms automatically compensates temperature variations in the process. Special techniques in the production and assembly of the probe and temperature sensor ensure that small variations in the process temperature are quickly informed to the transmitter, which calculates the fluid density process accurately through dedicated software. Depending on the industrial process, density can be expressed in Density, Relative Density, °Brix, °Bé, °INPM, °GL, °API, %Solids and %Concentration. Locally, via HART® configurator, it is possible to perform calibration, monitoring and check diagnostics.

Contact Us, even if the SMAR products and solutions or process tools and equipment you are looking for are not listed here. We guarantee you a quick response.